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Two 2500 kW hot water heating systems will provide heating for the new, state-of-the-art SSCV OOS Serooskerke. This semi-submersible heavy lift crane vessel is expected to lie off the coast of Brazil in the second quarter of 2019. The ship can carry out heavy subsea lifts up to 4,400 megatonnes and is equipped with an active heave compensation system. Up to 750 employees can stay overnight on board.

Safety and environment first

The two Konutherm heaters will supply the staff accommodations with hot water, heating and cooling. In addition, the thermal fluid boilers also heat the fuel supply and the UREA waste tanks. Realization of the entire project is subject to the highest possible ‘green’ standards for the purification of flue gases, the reduction of NOx emissions and the treatment of ballast water. In this way, strict international regulations for health, safety and the environment are met on every aspect.

Customized hot water heating systems

The hot water heating systems supplied by Konutherm consists of two KOH 2.0 / 25 gas-oil boilers with a total capacity of 2500 kW each. The system is designed and built according to ABS class and can supply the OOS-Serooskerke with 110 m3 / h water of 90 degrees Celsius for all necessary purposes. At the request of the customer, we have built in an option to switch to electric heaters with a total output of 600 kW in case of less heat demand. To ensure that hot water is always present, our client has opted for the delivery of two equal boilers, so that one boiler can always remain operational during periodical maintenance. Furthermore, the system is equipped with two main and two secondary pumps with all necessary fittings, instrumentation and control panels.

Guaranteed quality

All Konutherm parts are currently sailing to Nantong, China. The hot water heating systems will be installed on the OOS-Serooskerke at the China Merchants Heavy Industry shipyard. At this stage we will maintain close contact with the yard to ensure that everything is correctly installed and that possible questions are answered. We take care of this together with our local agent, Dragon Marine Engineering Co.Ltd. As soon as everything is ready, a critical final inspection and commissioning will take place by one of our own service engineers. In this way we can guarantee that the complete system is working properly and that our customer will be satisfied!

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