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Last month we put a nice thermal oil system into operation. This time aboard of a 8,000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD). Konutherm was awarded with this project by a Dutch supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, ships and services for the maritime market. We were completely involved in the realization of this project. From design and delivery of the heating system to assembly, the final check on control panels and alarms and the actual commissioning.

Safe and user-friendly operation

Interface-flowchart-Konutherm-HTF-systemA fully automated two-stage burner keeps the system at the desired temperature. The control panel contains a digital flowchart (MIMIC, see picture). Through this scheme, users can check the system at a glance. This makes it a very user-friendly system. When in operation, users can easily detect and / or solve possible malfunctions. After a brief instruction by our service engineers, users can operate the system perfectly independently and responsibly. Even if they do not have any relevant technical knowledge.

Optimal heat recovery

The trailer is equipped with a fired boiler with diesel burner. Peripherals like boosters, separators, daytime tank and preheaters are included. The thermal oil system has a capacity of 500 kW and is extended with two extraction boilers of 250 kW each. By application of these economizers, the heat of the exhaust gases from the main engine is recovered. The installation as a whole requires no additional fuel to heat all systems on board because the heat from the exhaust gases is used for this purpose. The 500 kW boiler is mainly used for heating and holding heavy fuel oil (HFO) to make the main engines run properly.

After its first sea trail, the ship will be transferred to the final customer by the end of this year. We hope the Shanti Sagar 17 and its crew will have a safe voyage and are looking forward to the commissioning of her sister ship!

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