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Recently, we have installed a telephone security on the thermal oil boiler of a Dutch client who is active in civil engineering (ground, road and water). Our customer strives for optimal safety and durability in its business operations. For that reason, this company continuously invests in applications that are supportive.

Expertise in thermal heating systems

The company relied on our expertise in thermal heating systems to further optimize the quality, safety and continuity of its production process and storage. We designed and installed a new control cabinet for the operation of the thermal oil boiler. This switchboard is equipped with an alarm system that emits an automatic telephone signal as soon as changes occur in the pressure and / or temperature in the boiler.

Optimization of industrial heat transfer

Are you also interested in an addition to your existing industrial heating system? We would like to advise you in the area of ​​expansion, capacity increase and/or optimization of your current system! At Konutherm you are at the the right and trusted address for periodic inspection, maintenance or replacement, too. Our company is SCIOS and ISO9001 certified and delivers you with fast service thanks to your own technical service and relevant expertise.

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