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Konutherm recently completed a thermal oil project for a Dutch manufacturer and worldwide leader in adhesive technologies, display graphics and packaging materials. We supplied a fired oil heater of 1200 kW including outlet temperatures up to 300 Degrees Celsius, mounted with a Weishaupt Low Nox burner suitable for burning natural gas. The fired heater was intended to replace the old incinerator and would be working together with a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Our scope was including a fired heater, control panels, pump skids , expansion vessel, instrumentation, piping and valves. Konutherm also delivered a heat exchanger including valves for controlling a secondary circuit used for hot water heating of the building. Because of the 24/7 production of the plant the installation had to be realized within a minimum down-time of three days. Therefore all piping was pre-fabricated and most of the equipment was installed before the plant stop so we could manage the final completion and commissioning within the deadline of our client. The plant is in full operation again and ready to produce another 25 years!

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