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The thermal oil heater on board Cutter Suction Dredger Ambiorix can make a lot of new burning hours. After years of service, the top cover refractory of this heater was due for repair. This challenging job was carried out on behalf of our relationship DEME at ST Marine Shipyard in Singapore. For the execution of the heater repair, we engaged with one of our partners on site.

How does renewal of the top cover refractory of a thermal oil heater take place?

This can easily be demonstrated by the photo report of this boiler repair. The following steps had to be taken:

  1. Remove old cover refractory 


  2. Install ceramic wool and weld new anchors

  3. Prepare mold for expansion gaps 


  4. Cast bottom layer insulating refractory 


  5. Complete top layer dense castable 


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New top cover refractory or service needed for your thermal oil heater?

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