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In the past week we have serviced a thermal heater for ship heating. This plant was designed by us in 2012 for use on board an inland tanker of type C. When applied at full power (800 kW), the oil in the thermal system can be heated up to 240 degrees Celsius. Through the heat transfer system, the load on board the tanker can then be heated to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. We are particularly proud that the thermal fluid system has been functioning smoothly since its commissioning (mid 2012). This is partly due to the careful periodic maintenance that has been performed by our own service engineers.

During each periodic maintenance and/or inspection, our engineers subject the system to a thorough check. Thus they assess the state of moving parts, the operation and settings of the alarm and the combustion of the diesel/oil fired burner. The latter is essential to ensure proper combustion in the system. To determine the high efficiency of the boiler and to allow the installation to function as efficiently as possible, we measure the emissions of combustion gases. Then we set the boiler as optimal as possible. If not set right, the incineration in the installation will not take place properly. As a result, the heat transferring oil can get overheated and damaged. With a significant reduction in the life of your thermal oil boiler as undesired result. In addition, the diesel / oil fired boiler can be contaminated due to incorrect adjustment. And this reduces the efficiency of your boiler and increases your fuel costs. In order to ensure continuity and optimal operation of your system, preventive maintenance is simply essential. Therefore, we offer a periodic service contract with each installation of a thermal fluid system.

Benefits of our service contract

We provide you with optimal heat recovery and take care of maintenance and unexpected malfunctions. Our service contract gives you assurance of timely replacement of wear-resistant parts. This can prevent expensive repairs and unnecessary damage. In addition, you can count on fast service and replacement of parts in case of unexpected defect. We have a wide range of spare parts, such as sensors, burners and pump components. In addition, we can quickly supply spare parts (original) thanks to our close relationship with many manufacturers.

Our thermal expertise

Konutherm BV has been the trusted and reliable address for design and installation of thermal fluid systems for many years. We are expert in:

  • Cargo and fuel heating for sea vessels
  • Load heater for inland water tankers
  • Process and product heat recovery and heat recovery with HTF systems
  • Thermal oil and glycol / water heat-sealed systems for offshore
  • Service, periodic maintenance and inspection

ISO9001 and SCIOS certified

Our service engineers are thermal experts and specialists. We work according to ISO9001 and SCIOS standards. During unexpected calamities you can count on our 24 hour service.

Choose quality and long-term (optimal) return on your heat recovery system!

Call now: +31 (0) 341 264 283 or ask your question through our service hotline.

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