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As of 2020, the IMO regulations for SOx emissions in the exhaust gases of marine engines will be sharpened. In order to comply with these regulations, there are currently various wet scrubbing systems on the market. In this way, HFO ships can remain in service even after the introduction of new regulations.

Dry scrubber
At Konutherm we believe that the use of wet scrubbers is not the most economic and efficient response to the emission problem, as energy consumption on board increases significantly. On the other hand, the environmental problem is shifted. What about scrubber waste water treatment or drainage? Together with our German business relationship Torsten, we developed a so-called dry scrubber technology: the patented Regenerative High Temperature Absorber (RHTA). This dry scrubber removes SOx, NOx, VOCs, carbon black (soot), dust and CO from the exhaust gases of the ship and has an integrated exhaust gas heater (economizer) for heat recovery to allow for economical HFO operation. Besides this, the RHTA operates as a silencer and has a low exhaust gas pressure drop.

Partner / Investor wanted
We are looking for a partner / investor to help us build, test and market this new, patented maritime exhaust gas treatment unit. We are convinced that this advanced unit provides an optimal response to strict IMO emission regulations. With the RHTA, we provide an effective, economical solution for keeping HFO ships in service. Interested in participation? Detailed technical information about technology and equipment is available on request. Please send your email to Marco de Jonge: mdejonge@konutherm.com.

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