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The Konutherm Service Team was expanded at the beginning of this year with two new colleagues. Time for an introduction!


On the photo you can see the new Konutherm Service Team. From left to right: Frank van Veldhuizen, Randy Verstoep and Peter Versteeg. Randy Verstoep has been working for us as a Service Engineer for more than five years now. After he completed his vocational study Mechanical Engineering and 1 year of higher professional training. He joined the Konutherm team. And that’s what he likes right up to now. Randy: “The work is very varied: I’ve already done a lot of different service jobs, from commissioning and boiling up thermal oil heaters to connecting PLC control cabinets. In the Netherlands, but also in various corners of the world. Electronical, mechanical, very allround. ”

Peter Versteeg started working at the age of 18 as a Service Engineer. In the past five years he has worked in international shipping. He was engaged in service work on the propulsion systems of ships around the world. In addition, he followed several internal vocational training courses and in recent years he was mainly active as a practical teacher. Together with a number of former colleagues, he set up an academy.

Frank van Veldhuizen started at the age of 17 as a moped technician and followed the training Vehicle Technology. After 4.5 years, he opted for a temporary job in car dismantling, after which he started working as a moped salesman. In the past 3.5 years he worked as a CNC punch/laser operator.

Contagious enthusiasm

The team is very excited to roll up their sleeves. Randy talks about his first experiences with the new colleagues: “We are a nice addition to each other Frank is young, enthusiastic and eager to learn, someone who dares to tackle and gets on with everything. Peter is a bit older and thinks more about things. He asks a lot of questions and wants to know in advance what he can expect, so he can properly assess the risks and deliver good work. And speaking about myself, I bring in more than five years of practical experience. So I have every confidence that our enthusiasm as a service team is contagious and that this will influence our customers in a positive way, because that’s who we do it for!”

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