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Namibia. Not a place from where you call our service engineers by default for regular maintenance or control of your Konutherm system. But sometimes it’s the only way. In that case it’s good to know that you – as a customer – can rely on global, reliable and efficient service.

Good preparation
Your thermal fluid system is in good hands at Konutherm. Prior to the maintenance appointment, you will determine the state of the system yourself. To be able to do so we send you a convenient and clear checklist which you fill in and return to our service department. By doing this you enable our service engineers to get a good picture of the necessary work and components during their visit. As a result you benefit from a quick and efficient service maintenance to your system, which saves you valuable time and money. Apart from this it is nice to co-operate and work together in a pleasant way.

Troubleshooting on the spot
Of course not everything can be foreseen. Unexpected things can do happen. And if they do, our service engineers are perfectly capable of providing you with the best solutions on the spot.

Global service
As far as our service is concerned we like to push ourselves to the limit! Our service engineers are certified and can carry out all the specialized work needed to install, maintain and / or control thermal oil and hot water (glycol) systems. We also provide the necessary spare parts for you easily and quickly from our own warehouse; for instance gas and oil burners, pumps, electrical parts, thermal oil, and so on. In case of malfunction, the engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If necessary, they can assist you on location in no time. Additionally, they are great at performing inspections. And happy to help you find an appropriate answer to your questions.

So why waste unnecessary time and money? Contact us today!


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