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At the moment we are working on the construction of two 12 MW gas-fired boilers intended for an offshore project in the North Sea. These boilers are flooded with water glycol and are intended for placement aboard Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO). Application of thermal transfer to the high seas involves special safety hazards. Think of the enormous forces that are exposed to such a construction during a heavy storm. It goes without saying that there are strict safety requirements for the application of such a thermal fluid system within this project.

Thermal expertise and certification

Konutherm has the necessary expertise and certifications in this area. With our years of experience, knowledge and insight into the design and construction of industrial (thermal) heating systems, we are, as no-one, able to provide specific custom solutions for the realization of projects like this.

3D design boilers

FKonutherm-CAD-boileror the design of our thermal fluid systems, we use the computer program Autodesk Inventor. Thanks to the use of this 3D CAD calculation model, we can easily exchange models with our customers. Clients can now see if the design is appropriate within the overall construction of their project. This simplifies the implementation of such boilers.

Responsible application of thermal fluids

Thanks to the Autodesk Inventor application we are able to make strong calculations. The program features so-called FEM and FEA strength calculation methods. This includes the internal material stresses and the external distortions. We also visualize the safety factors over predetermined maximum permissible values. This enables us to check whether the mechanical engineering structure is stable and strong enough. And whether the design as a whole is not too heavy. In addition, it is clearly identified where the critical areas are within the design and where any adjustments are required. With these calculations we give the customer a solid and reliable basis for thorough building advice.

Personal and professional guidance

At Konutherm we have everything in place to properly develop a new building, conversion or optimization of your thermal heating system. The engineering, execution and installation are expertly and quickly assisted from our office and on site. Keep your head cool and ask your experts. Call +31 (0)341 264 283 or click here for online contact.


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