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Heat recovery for offshore & dredging

Thermal oil and hot water/glycol

Miscellaneous offshore applications

Konutherm thermal fluid systems are suitable for a variety of heating purposes. Our systems are widely used to keep cargo and fuel at a specific temperature, but are designed for all offshore applications that require heating. Adding an exhaust gas heater to the thermal system allows for a high degree of energy recovery and fuel savings.


In Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessels it is of utmost importance that crude oil can be transferred to cargo ships without any complications. This implies that this oil must continuously be kept at the required temperature. Konutherm thermail oil systems are well-suited for this.


On Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) tankers Konutherm thermal oil or water-glycol systems can also be used safely and effectively to heat processes, fuels and other liquid cargo. A thermal heating system offers many options in terms of energy saving and heat recovery for these floating refineries. As an option, it can be used to efficiently produce steam and hot water for heating or cleaning operations on board.

Platforms and drilling ships

A thermal fluid system is ideally suited to keep the equipment and piping on a platform at the required temperature. This is essential when the platform serves in areas like the Arctic region. The heat from the thermal oil system can be used for de-icing, or for heating the accommodations of the crew.

Offshore support vessels

In the offshore support industry, Konutherm thermal heating systems have been used successfully for years. For example, for the fuel and cargo heating on dredgers, heavy lift carriers, pipe laying vessels, oil tankers and Platform Supply (PSV) vessels that take care of the logistics of offshore oil and gas. Konutherm heating systems can also be found in the onshore oil and gas receiving stations.

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Our experts are at your service and are pleased to advise you on our heating solutions. Konutherm offers you all-in service for designing, engineering, constructing, converting, and optimizing your thermal heating system. Installation and commissioning and instruction of your staff is executed by our trained engineers observing the relevant regulations.

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