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Thermische vloeistof en heet water toepassingen

Voor de procesindustrie


Heet water / glycol installaties

Voor offshore en dredging


Thermische olie systemen

Voor zeevaart en binnenvaart

Specialist in heat transfer fluid systems

Half a century of expertise in efficient heat transfer for:


Process industry

Thermal oil heaters and economizers for optimum use of waste heat

Offshore & Dredging

Heat transfer fluid systems and exhaust gas heaters for recovery of waste heat

Maritime & Inland Shipping

Thermal oil systems for heating cargo and fuel

Thermal fluid heating systems: the expertise of Konutherm

Thermal oil and water glycol. These are the most common thermal fluids that we, as Konutherm, have been using since 1966 for heat transfer in the process industry, offshore, dredging and inland shipping. Thermal fluid installations, regardless of which brand or type, are our expertise. With appropriate advice and customized design, we guide you to an optimal design of your heating system. And do not let precious energy or fuel be lost.

Konutherm has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide you with fast and professional service with required periodic inspections, maintenance, faults and repairs. For this purpose we have, among other things, our own stock of parts and a worldwide network of agents involved. We are ISO 9001 and SCIOS certified and can deliver in accordance with the various branch-related standards.

Do you want to be assured of an economical, safe and optimal operation of your thermal oil heater or water glycol heating system? Konutherm helps you get started with professional advice and personal guidance!

Watch our schematic display of a thermal fluid system

Economizers for fuel savings by heat recovery from waste gases

Thermal oil and hot water glycol are thermal fluids. These liquids can be easily heated to extremely high temperatures of up to 350-400 degrees Celsius. This makes thermal fluids extremely suitable as a source of heat transfer compared to steam. A thermal fluid system can easily be expanded with the use of so-called ‘economizers’ or waste boilers. Via the controllable valves on these boilers the heat from exhaust gases of, for example, generators or engines can be reused to heat ovens, autoclaves, dryers or other equipment.

With suitable tailor-made advice and the correct installation and adjustment of our thermal oil and water glycol systems, we help you on your way to optimum fuel and energy management.

Thermische olieketel

Meet the Konutherm thermal fluid heater

  • high efficiency heater for continuous use
  • exhaust gas heater designed for maximum waste heat recovery
  • no dump cooler needed thanks to ingenious exhaust gas valve system
  • system components well sized and of high quality
  • custom 3D design
  • long life with minimal maintenance
  • no cracking / degradation of thermal oil

A rich history of high-tech solutions since 1966


Konutherm systems on land


Konutherm systems at sea

Customers about us

“In Konutherm we have found a pleasant business partner with whom we have been doing business for many years now. Thanks to clear communication, correct and prompt follow-up of service orders and easy accessibility in case of technical failures we are very satisfied with the service of this company."

“Our experiences with this firm are very good. They think along with us and take good care of our business. And that is exactly what we prefer.”

“Execution of the work by experienced and skilled engineers, as well as good and clear reporting.”

“As a service provider, Konutherm sets a good example. Keep up the good work!”

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Ask our experts for advice

Both the engineering and the implementation and installation of your thermal oil boiler or water glycol heating system are supervised from our office and at your location. Every new construction, conversion, optimization or maintenance will be arranged quickly and professionally. So keep your head cool and ask your experts for advice.

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